First and only???

Not all that sure how much I will blog. Looks like it could suck up time and I am better with a camera in my hand that tapping away at a keyboard.

But may add the odd new image here… we will just have to wait and see.

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  • Buba

    ya, I figure we are all better of if you shoot more than you talk

  • Buba

    but seriously. Some real nice work here. Im jealous.

    • Kevin Canada

      Thanks Buba, hows life going there out in the woods? Maybe I drop out in the fall.

  • some really beautiful work! Great site! Hope you are well. Wish we could get together for a beer and our long talks again, great times.

    • Kevin Canada

      Hay Robert good to hear from you. I am well.
      I did enjoy those conversations over beer,
      need to get the USA government or the U.N. to fly us to Vegas
      and buy the beer so we can work out the worlds problems.

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